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About the Bank

History of development
Promselhozbank began its history in the distant 1905. Then, a credit partnership was opened in the suburb of Pokrov (now Engels city ) for the needs of the Volga region Germans. Since then, the bank has repeatedly changed its name: mutual benefit, the bank of ASSR of the Volga region Germans, Engels branch of the State Bank, Zhilsotsbank. In 1990 Engels Zhilsotsbank office was transformed into a commercial bank "Engels - bank". Its current name Promselhozbank acquired on April 12th, 2010. In the same 2010, the bank changed its permanent place of residence and the head office moved to Moscow.

As for today Promselhozbank is a universal dynamic bank offering a full range of services to individuals and companies.

Essential Elements:
  • Established in 1990
  • General license of the Bank of Russia for banking operations № 538 from 22.05.2013.
  • The authorized capital of the bank is 1 159 603 840, 00 rubles.
  • Bank offices work in Moscow, Engels, Saratov, Marx.